About the Company

About our company and founders 

Stephen Rogers is the owner/CEO of the company and Dermalyana team. 

The concept of the Dermalyana product range has been under development for many years. Coming from United Kingdom and having been travelling many countries around the world, our owner and the CEO of Dermalyana, Stephen Rogers quickly understands how competitive the skincare industry is. Therefore, making a difference is necessary to gain success. It has taken him and his team years to prepare for the launch of Dermalyana. 

Stephen Rogers has more than twenty years of experience in leading strong and successful teams in large corporations. He was graduated from Imperial College of London followed by postgraduate studies and achieved his Master of Science. Since graduation, he has been working in many fields. The knowledge of leading in various teams has brought him a huge success to Rogers Healthcare and Dermalyana team. 

The second founder is Lien, a skincare  and beauty therapist but most of all, an entrepreneur. Lien believes in woman power that can change the world into a better place. However, "It's still inequality between men and women around the  world. Men tend to have a higher pay than women. They tend  to say  "single mums" but rarely  to  say  "single dads". Women in  many  countries are treated less than  men and  even worse, men are  kind of being accepted to have infidelity while women are  not  allowed or punished. Women have  suffered from domestic violence and unfair treatment in many countries." - Lien said. According to  Lien, women are artists and need support from other women to live happier and more successful. 


Lien has endorsed women communities, support girls and women to reach their highest potential in education  and success. She visited Vietnam and financially and mentally  supported female bread winners. She has visited girls who are orphans  and sending money to  support some girls who were struggling to finish their study in university. "I have inspired by other women to have a position where I am today." Lien said. 


Since owning a beauty salon in Vietnam our founder, Lien, relocated to Australia to begin a journey of education and observation. She has always held a strong passion for delivering confidence through beauty, in particular healthier skin, but wanted to take the time to ensure her products are designed with the most effective, but kind ingredients. As a qualified skincare & beauty therapist, Lien has a deep understanding of skin architecture and therapy; the Dermalyana products represent the culmination of this research. Lien holds a position of  technical consultant and also owner of the company and the founder of Dermalyana brand. 

Lien is a unique person with a strong passion for beauty and skincare products. She has a wide range of knowledge in her fields including cosmetic and business. Besides graduating from UK Beauty School, Australian College of Beauty Therapy, Perth College of Beauty Therapy, some other beauty  courses, Lien finished her studies and achieved bachelor of Commerce double majoring in Finance and Economics. Lien was also awarded Master of Business Administration from Australian Institute of Business. 

Apart from education, Lien has an impressive experience in business as an entrepreneur. She started to run her first business when she was nine years of age. Graduating from her first university degree in Viet Nam, Danang University, she was working in multiple companies to gain experience and owned and run her own businesses including beauty salons, real estate company, long term apartments and room for rents. 

Both our founder and leaders and owners have both education and experience and passion in business and cosmetic. They always look for improvement and deffirentiation in their business in order to offer benefits in our society worldwide. 


Good causes

By purchasing Dermalyana products, you can contribute to helping less fortunate people in Vietnam via our "Mai Thi Lien Educational Support Fund"





Recent examples include delivering more than 2 tonnes bags of rice to the most needy people in Nui Thanh district, and helping many less fortunate people to continue their studies.  Lien was recognised for this work by the local Red Cross association.





We are here to enhance your confidence and help transform the lives of the less fortunate around us.  



In December 2022, Dermalyana will be the most desirable product range around the world. 




1. Integrity

We value our integrity from every angle of our business. We aim to build relationship with our customers based on our integrity. 


2. Honesty

We are transparent about our product ingredients and other information.


3. Care

Our focus is customer satisfaction. We offer the hot-line service for enhanced access to our support resources.


4. Efficiency

We make a commitment to offer highest quality products while maintain lowest possible costs, and keep consumption of resources at the lowest level.


5. Generosity

Running a business for a purpose! We are committed to use 2% of our profits to support the less-fortunate people, especially the orphans and those in the remote areas in VietNam. We help others in need to overcome their financial difficulty to finish their education. 


6. Innovation

We hope to create differences and continue to adapt to new technology and trends in our business for the benefit of others in society.